BOA Asian Flavors continues serving popular dishes through delivery around the metro

by Joey Marcelo

There’s nothing quite like a heaping plate of sweet, citrusy, and tasty noodles to lighten your mood for the day. 

That’s the kind of magic BOA’s Shrimp Pad Thai brings. Even during the pandemic, BOA Asian Flavors has been busy delivering Pad Thai to customers all over Metro Manila.

“Our Shrimp Pad Thai has proved to be a darling among our customers. Our community loves that our Pad Thai is citrusy and sweet unlike others that are more on the spicy side. It tells us that our food profile does not compete with any other establishments. Instead, we are claiming our own space,” said Joey Marcelo III, owner of BOA Asian Flavors.

BOA Asian Flavors serves Southeast Asian cuisine. Besides its popular Pad Thai, their other bestsellers include Beef Rendang, Nasi Lemak, and Char Kway Teow. 

“We want to serve comfort Asian food from the region but we’ve added our own spin to it to relate more to the cosmopolitan/well-travelled Filipino. This way, we can provide taste and quality that’s closer to the real thing. If we want to be known for one thing, it would be for serving food with Bursting Asian Flavors,” he said.

Marcelo is proud that BOA’s Executive Chef Julius Necor has Southeast Asian cuisine as his strong suit. Chef Julius Necor has mastered the complexity and depth of flavors of Asian dishes, which is why BOA has received so many awards for its food over the years.

Now, BOA Asian Flavors is betting big on e-commerce by launching their online store for deliveries: Their digital platform promises to offer a smooth user experience with insight-backed photos and food captions that should relate well to its loyal patrons. 

The site offers expanded payment options for an easy transaction every single time. Customers may pay through online banking, credit card, and e-money (Paymaya and Gcash). It will also feature a chat service so customers can have conversations with the restaurant management, place orders, and receive confirmation of payment right away.

“We understand that our customers may be more meticulous when it comes to food and they  want to be certain if they are ordering the right thing for them. We made sure our layout, food shots, and description are produced from real consumer insight so our customers can have a very clear understanding of the food they are ordering,” he said.

Especially during this time, safety is a top priority for BOA Asian Flavors. “We have devised a Safety and Hygiene Bible that subscribes to the standard protocols from DTI and our LGU. All our staff have also enrolled and finished Food Handling and Safety courses, earning certificates of completion from Servsafe—a food and beverage safety and training certificate program handled by the US National Restaurant Administration,” the entrepreneur said.

Original article by Kenneth del Rosario of Inquirer and published June 29, 2020.